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Executives and Board of Trustees

The Executives and Board of Trustees of the Southern Nevada Sports Hall of Fame are made up a group of individuals dedicated to advancing the organization and meeting the high standards set forth in its Mission Statement. The group includes:

John Saccenti
Vice Chairman
Mike Lubbe
Thom Blinkinsop
Melissa Meacham-Grossman
Executive Director
Jim Lambright
Executive Committee
Rich Abajian, in memoriam
Dan Dolby
Dale Eeles
Kevin Higgins
Simon Keith
Joe Kelly
Eric Kovac
Don Logan
Michael Mack
Jeff Motley
Steve Stallworth
Board of Trustees
Dan Abdalla
Jeremy Anderson
Tyler Baldwin
Stephanie Bernas
Jennifer Bradley
Dick Calvert
Damian Costa
Terry Cottle
EJ Cutcliff
Brian Dallimore
Brennan Drew
Chris Engler
Scott Godino, Jr.
Shaun Gogna
Adam Grant
Joe Haro
Kylie Higgins
Tom Humm
Kevin Kelly
Mike LeBlue
Jesse Leeds
Tony Lenzie
Marty Linde
Mike Lubbe
Michael Mack
Mike MacLeod
Mike Pritchard
Dan Rush
Dave Russo
Julie Samuelson
Mike Skenandore
Steve Spatafore
Linda Staley
Roger Tabor
Tim Taylor
Thomas Wagner
Dean White