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Jack Cason

Jack Cason moved from his native Oklahoma to Las Vegas in the early 1950s and along with his brother Pete and business partner Carl Bailey formed Saveway Super Service and opened a Philips 66 gas station on the Las Vegas Strip. The trio parlayed their one gas station into what is now known as Rebel Oil, which has expanded to a chain of convenience stores and gas stations.

By the late 1970s, Cason's son Pat was starring on the football field at UNLV and the elder Cason had become one of the program's biggest supporters. Jack Cason and Rebel Oil became one of the largest contributors to UNLV athletics and often Cason's businesses would help UNLV athletes find summer employment.

Cason continued to support UNLV and youth sports around the valley and devoted a lot of his efforts toward women's athletics.

He passed away on February 4, 2023.

The Cason File

Born: March 18, 1927
Claim to Fame: Long-time supporter of UNLV athletics, helped provide summer employment for many UNLV athletes and is a member of the UNLV Athletics Hall of Fame.